Saturday, March 24, 2012


After an eighteen month hiatus, MADMEN is finally coming back and fans everywhere are celebrating the start of the new season. So, who better to have a MADMEN PARTY than a small STL Ad Agency, and a group of Mid-Century Modern enthusiast? This combination would not be complete though with out the perfect cocktails. So Scorch Agency, Modern STL, and Blood & Sand, came together this past Thursday evening to host the perfect MADMEN BASH. Rocket Century, of course is not one to miss out on a good party celebrating cool and swank!

Chief executive officer of Scorch Agency,Chris Buehler, his team of ad professionals, Modern STL, and the cocktail perfections of Blood & Sand Bar and Restaurant came together for an all out tribute to MADMEN Mania in true modernist style. Buehler and his team are Maddicts themselves, and even have some key mid-century modern pieces in their office to show off.  They were ready to help host this event at their agency with great MADMEN decor, food, and cocktails. 

Modern STL came into the loop to help with their membership of mid-century modern enthusiast who believe in the preservation of STL modern architecture and love the culture of the modernist era. Add the mixology of a great bartender from Blood & Sand, and you have the perfect MADMEN Mash-Up. 

There was an interesting twist on the Manhattan and a punch being served that were out of this world wonderful. Being raised at the tail end of the mid-century era, my parents were huge fans of the Manhattan. It was typically allowed in that era to help mix cocktails at parties as a kid, as well as take a little sip of your parents' beloved cocktails without being politically incorrect or under the watchful eye of social services. So the taste of a Manhattan for me is like a warm memory of my father in his perfect executive suit, or the bustle and excitement of my parents' cocktail and bridge parties. I loved all of it as a kid, and perhaps that is a part of the MADMEN allure for many of us. 

Actually getting dressed up for a night out, fun and perky music playing in the background, and tasty finger foods served with perfect cocktails, are all in the buzz of fun entertaining from this era which is often lost on today's era of keeping everything so casual. 

Enjoying The Cocktails with Modern STL Board Members

Swank-A-Rama Music A Must!

"Of Course Dear! We'll Have Cocktails At The Club!"

Nathan, Beth & Dave In Perfect Attire!

Many of us chatted about the excitement of the new MADMEN Season and what we anticipated in character plot, but for most of us it was just a fun excuse to dress up and have a little fun night out of our hectic lives. Isn't that what entertaining and parties are for anyway? MADMEN has had the ability to transcend just another night of watching TV into a real style phenomenon. 
Pete Campbell?

Betty Draper?

Joan Holloway?
No, Just Me

Lane Pryce?

OOOPS! Fooled You! It's Jeff!

OOOO, Don Draper!
Drape That Arm Like Don Draper!

Clothing styles, drinking and entertaining culture, and music of this show and era have all made their way into the new cool of the 21st century. Perhaps that is why people like us love mid-century modern so much. It's a look and feel that really is in so many ways timeless and classy. It has to be pretty good for so many of us to want to be a part of it beyond just watching it unfold on a television series. 
Of Course MadMen Was Streaming!

For The Non-Smokers A Tasty Alternative!

The Best Dressed MadMan Leaping Don Draper Style!

Fun Vintage Sign In The Scorch Agency Bathroom

The party was an excellent way to get revved up for the excitement of it all, and to have some great fun at the same time. As for how and where I will be watching the Season premier this Sunday evening? I will most likely be in my comfy PJ's and settled in for the night to watch like I always have. Cheers everyone!

Have Fun Watching!


  1. What a great party! And I'll be curled up watching tomorrow night too!

  2. Awesome! Looks like it was a blast.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm following you back! Love this post, as I am addicted to Madmen!

  4. Saw the pictures on the Modern STL page. Looks like you all had a great time. I'm thinking about joining up!