Saturday, March 17, 2012

For The Love Of Bloggers! Jen Risom Sofa Finds Home!

Sofa Finds Loving Home-Pitbull Not Included :)
Who would have ever imagined that a Craigslisting for a Yard Sale would ever turn into the link of love for this Jens Risom Style Sofa and so many other items from our inventory?

Thanks to the posts of bloggers Mr. Modtomic and Mid-Century Midwest about the treasures they found and left behind at our glorious Yard Sale, we gathered all kinds of interest in this Sofa and other Vintage Modern finds at Rocket Century. 

A fellow blogger, Dave's Mid-Century Stuff, saw the posts and decided he really needed to save this sofa, although the 3 piece sectional sofa he really wanted had already been scooped up by a dealer and flipped to a family here in STL. 

Dave decided to make the trek through STL to see if he could check out this sofa and any other vintage modern treasures we could assist him with here at Rocket Century. I'm going to leave it to Dave to tell his story, but lets just say he found A LOT of cool things besides the Jens Risom style sofa to save for his haul! 

The moral of the story here is that never underestimate the power of a Yard Sale and bloggers who are as geeked about what you love as you are. There's a wonderful community of Vintage Modern Love out there that should not be taken for granted. I have been inspired and awed this week by the blogging online community. Not only has it been great fun reigniting my inspiration for what I love to do in my business, but it has also reminded me about the best part of selling what I love, and that is the people factor. Meeting so many great people and hearing their stories this week has been a blast. 

So I raise my glass to all of the other vintage modern lovers out there who hunt for treasures and share their stories which inspire us! 

As online sellers we often never get to meet or even speak to the people who buy our items. We  often only know them through e-mail correspondence. Hopefully people will remember that we are always open by appointment in the warehouse for anyone who is interested in checking out our stuff in person! If your here in STL or coming through town be sure to let us know when you want to drop by!  

The Jens Risom style sofa pictured above with my loving Pitbull, Jax (He was the sad puppy face in my previous post and was in no way responsible for the condition of the sofa) it sometimes takes time for things to find their way to a "mid-century modern match made in heaven" as Mr. Modtomic would say. But knowing that Dave and his wife, Wonder Woman, will give it and some other pieces Dave found the TLC they need and deserve made the wait worth it! 


  1. If we hadn't been so far away...and hadn't just made the drive from Texas to Missouri a few weeks ago to buy a boatload of Brasilia, among other things...we would have loved to scoop up that sofa. Congrats to Dave and Wonder Woman. I know they will have it looking beautiful in no time!

    1. OOO yes, love Brasilia myself! My dining room China cabinet and sideboard are Brasilia and I love them. They were the first purchase I made when we moved back to STL and I was looking for a dining room set. I was so intrigued with the lines and had to have them!

  2. Hey RC,,
    If we make it up to your neck of the woods, we will definetely stop in...We just reopened under the new moniker of A Modern Line ( here in Tampa and would have filled our vehicle if we had been in your neighborhood during your sale! Looks like you have a great space and pricing! I'll be watching...

    1. Yes, check us out and register with our store so you can stay in touch!

  3. Good to hear that lovely sofa found its way to a new home. Mr. Mod and I actually met up with Dave last weekend and he said that he gout quite a hall from your place. Can't wait to see it and what he does with that sofa. his wife did great work on the other one he has on his blog, so it's in good hands.

  4. glad to hear you all got together. I am looking forward to seeing the sofa and some other pieces Dave purchased renewed by Wonder Woman. It's going to be awhile before it gets it all back to his home front, but it will be cool to see when each piece is fixed and ready. I love seeing how pieces can be transformed!