Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mid-Century Modern Holiday Style & Gifts

Vintage Aluminum Tree
The Holidays are quickly approaching, and if you are like most mid-century modern enthusiast, you are carrying your love of vintage modern into your holiday style.

Hopefully, this means you skipped the black Friday, Cyber Monday fare, and looked to your smaller vintage retailers for holiday inspiration. Pass on the mega store deals on what big retailers are pushing, and find some unique and fun gifts for friends and family on your list!

My business partner, Michael, and my husband and I were lucky enough to kick off the holidays this season in true Mid-Century Modern Style at the Annual Modern STL Holiday Party this year. One of the Modern STL board members so graciously opened his mid-century modern home for the party which is decorated with a mix of great vintage and new modern finds. 

Michael & I Ham It Up
Although the sites of their home were amazing, what made it even more fun, was that many of the guest dressed for the occation in true mid-century style, as any fun loving cocktail party goer would do. The flash of vintage skinny ties, Mad Men style suits, cat eye glasses, and pocketed sweaters, made the party all the more fun. And of course the bar was adorned with great glassware and bar accessories. No plastic glasses for this party!
My Husband, Christopher & I

In case you are wondering if I usually wear my hair in a Joan from Mad Men inspired up-do, the answer is no, but it sure seemed appropriate for this party, and my vintage c. 1960's wool suit. In true mid-century style, I had my hair done for the occation when I had my hair trimmed that day. All I can say is it took a village to raise that up-do and lots of hair spray! The results were a fun addition to my look with my husband and business partner both in their slick Mad Men Style vintage suits and vintage skinny ties. It was a super swanky fun time!
Modern STL Member Nathan W.

Our friend and fellow Modern STL member, Nathan, showed off his swank style in a vintage red zip up cartigan sweater, with black and grey trim, and a vintage skinny tie. The sweater had special appeal because it had also been his grandfather's. He said he remembered him wearing it on many a holiday occation. What's even funnier, is this look is apparently hip again. He had shared an add for a major men's retail clothing store which was featuring an almost identical sweater for their winter line! I remember my mother saying if you keep something long enough it will come back in style. Not only can vintage be fun and thrifty, it can show off great style too!

As for the barware and accessories, there are many great vintage finds which make entertaining during the holidays more fun, and there are a variety of things that make great gifts as well.
Reindeer Mid-Century Cocktail Bar Glasses Set

Mid-century modern Reindeer? Absolutely! For all of those tall glass cocktails and refreshments this vintage set of seven Reindeer Bar glasses has bright red reindeer and modern snowflakes too!
Pilsner Beer Glasses  Mid-Century Modern Set
Pilsners and your favorite micro-brews can be served in style in this set of four vintage mid-century modern pilsner glasses with swanky atomic gold designs.

Ice Bucket & Thermos Set Vintage Kromex Deco
This vintage Kromex matching Ice Bucket & Thermos in spun aluminum with black bakelite accents has a simple and sleek modern look with a nod to Deco. From the Enduringly Beautiful line of Kromex this set proves its name and claim to enduring beauty and style.

Round Cocktail Tumbler Bar Glass Culver Set
The chubby cocktail tumblers are making a comback as the stars of Mad Men enjoy their daytime cocktails in their executive offices as all good mid-century era execs did for years. This set is by Culver Designs with a gold fruit motif in modern style.

Amoco Oil Cocktail Bar Glass Vintage Set With Pitcher
Many of us were just youngsters when our local gas stations had promotional bar glass sets for their customers to choose from. This fun cocktail bar set of Amoco Oil has the original Amoco Oil symbol with measuring lines as if it were an oil liquid on both the glasses and miting pitcher. This set was is new in box and includes an Amoco Oil Swizzle Stir Stick for the pitcher to stir your cocktails to perfection!

It's not too late to share your swank style and good taste with friends and family this Holiday season! Check out our site and your other favorite small vintage shops for the best looks out there for you!

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