Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Storefront Finally Here!

If you have been wondering what happened to Rocket Century's Blogspot over the past few months, we have been in high gear since late June and early July moving from our warehouse location and up-fitting a new storefront location to add to our online store. Yes, Rocket Century has gone bricks and mortar!
A Peek Inside One Of Rocket Century's Storefront Windows
A Pair Of Overman Chairs & A Von Nessen Floor Lamp
Fill Out The Other Storefront Window
The new storefront is located at 3189 South Grand, St. Louis, MO 63118 in the wonderful South Grand Business District, just south of Tower Grove Park. It's is one of four busy storefronts in the Historic Grand Connecticut Building built in 1905 as part of the city expansion following the 1904 World's Fair. The storefront boasts wonderful 13 foot ceilings, large architectural columns, and the original mosaic tile floors of the era. Rocket Century's vintage furniture, artwork, accessories, and architectural finds blend well in this cool space. The area is bustling with people meeting for dinner at one of the many amazing restaurants on Grand and many of the neighborhood couples and families out for a stroll. 

After two years in a secluded old South City warehouse, the change of a storefront with natural light pouring in and customers to interact with is a welcome change. Our online customers will continue to be a priority as we make this transition, but the addition of live customers who have an opportunity to touch, feel, see, and experience our many vintage pieces is very exciting. Lets take a quick look inside!
Ceramic Lamp By Raymor With Volcanic Glaze & Cigarette  Box  Also By Raymor
Some New, But Vintage Fedoras In Boxes!
(All in larger sizes)
Some Vintage Worn Fedoras
Wow, even as I review this again, I already see that we have changes in the storefront even in the past week. New additions, and pieces sold are happening a lot quicker in the storefront, so check by frequently to see what's new. 
A Vintage Refurbished Olympia Report Electric C. 1970's
A 1950's Vintage Manual Smith Corona With Original Case
There are a lot of things that we are offering in the shop too, that will not be featured online. We have multiple vintage fedora's, some even new vintage with tags on them, vintage silk ties, typewriters, more bar glasses and dish sets, vintage handbags, and many more items, not yet listed on the web. The shop is a good place to come and see it first!
20Th Century Design Reference Gives
Our Customers Resources To Get Inspired
And Educated About Design & Architecture
The Shop also has a comfortable area to sit and check out various reference books on 20Th century modern design, artwork, and accessories of the era. They are wonderful books to gather inspiration and knowledge from.We hope to add more to the shop that will also be available for sale.  We often spend a lot of time doing research on the pieces we purchase before we list them on the web site or put them in the shop. Sharing this knowledge helps our customers know the value of what they are purchasing for themselves and appreciate their design. Uncovering the history of an item is sometimes the best part of what we do. Passing on that knowledge to our customers makes the experience even better.

We will keep you posted on happenings and our preparation for a grand opening in October. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Congrats on the new space! It's always a plus to have some great street creds via the nice windows and neighbors that draw to the store! Hope you kick butt in your new space! You definetely have some great offerings...

  2. Congratulations on the storefront. I hope you do a booming business in the new spot!

  3. Oh my gosh, so happy to have found this! You are in WALKING DISTANCE of my house, but I'll drive (in case I buy anything, haha)! Will be stopping in soon.

  4. Huh, why am I just now finding this AND haven't yet visited the brew shop!? Mr. Modtomic...always the last to know. I'll be visiting for a coffee clatch (sp?) soon, promise!

  5. Brew shop? Where did That come from? Should have said "new shop".