Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Save The Jens Risom Style Sofa!

Seems there has been quite a buzz this week about the Jens Risom style sofa we had at our big Spring Clean Out Yard Sale on Saturday. It really makes me all a buzz myself wanting to find a really good home for this special little piece of vintage modern love. Like the sad faced pooches who look at you longingly from their cages at the animal shelter, and those heart wrenching commercials for the ASPCA, this sofa needs someone to give it a loving home and the TLC it deserves.

Help! I was Attacked !
The Solid Walnut Base And The Overall Structure Of This Baby Are Rock Solid!
Even though the upholstery has certainly seen better days, people couldn't help but be drawn to it and take a seat on it's comfy cushions. They would then comment on how if they only had the funds to re-upholster it, knew how to upholster, slip cover, etc. they would take it home and call it their own. Hence, the sad puppy dog face that gets left behind at the shelter, this poor baby still remains at our warehouse in need of love and attention. We too had good intensions for it, but it's time to give someone else the chance to do it right. This sofa is giving you the sad puppy dog face and is in great need of adoption into a forever home! 

For more information on how you can give this great loving modern sofa a new home email us at  (Puppy not included)

Sad Puppy Dog Face 


  1. Thanks To Dave this baby will soon have a new home and his wife Wonder Woman will have this and some other projects to re-upholster. Thanks Dave for your time and purchases yesterday. It was great fun meeting you!